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National Driver Education offers a range of corporate programs designed to address these Facts.

It’s a fact

  • 30% of fatal crashes are work related
  • Road crashes are the largest cause of injuries and absence from work
  • 27% of work vehicles are involved in crashes annually

Source NSW RMS

Why undertake a Driver Education Program with National Driver Education?

Every business needs to address risk reduction and be proactive in their approach to safety, compliance and worker education. Training your team through National Driver Education addresses all the necessary elements for your business to remain compliant and offers your team the highest quality of driver trainers available.

Drivers who attend courses, such as those offered by National Driver Education demonstrate changed behaviours. This has been demonstrated in many workplaces. Inghams Enterprises Pty Ltd Fleet Manager Nick Eland states “that drivers who had not attended a driver education course were responsible for 73% of crashes and 78% of claim costs”.

Organisational Safe Driving Programs

National Driver Education’s Safe Driver Programs offer key elements to organisations making it simple and easy to become and remain compliant for both the organisation and the line managers.The Monash University Accident Research Centre states “ a vehicle can be considered to be workplaces.(on public roads) and plant (when not on public roads). Thus there is a requirement to provide, so far as practicable, a working environment which is safe and without health risks.”

To assist employers in meeting their obligations, National Driver Education conducts training at suitable levels and following a policy which is relevant to your organisation, but it doesn’t stop there. National Driver Education offers program management follow-up and refresher courses.

The benefits of undertaking National Driver Education’s corporate Driver training program can be seen in more than aspect. Costs can be dramatically reduced through fewer accidents. The average cost of a road crash is $2040 however this can escalate to over $10,000 when hidden costs such as increased insurance premiums, excess payments, administration, loss of productivity, hire cars etc. are taken into account.

National Driver Education is proud of our ability to assist organisations in increasing their social responsibility through safe driving habits. Our clients have reported a decrease in complaints from the public which relates to training courses undertaken. Courtesy Jim Steel Risk – Fleet Manager


The effectiveness of the training is demonstrated by a 40% reduction in the incidence of collisions in the first year of using your service. This has given significant cost savings through lowered insurance rates and a more efficient utilisation of our vehicle fleet. Courtesy Jim Steel Risk – Fleet Manager


Seriously we felt this course to be extremely beneficial and also confronting. Spending many hours of the day behind the wheel we felt we were good drivers, but we soon learnt that familiarity does not determine safety. We experienced the true results of speed and importantly braking distances. A course like this changes your attitude and develops your skills to become a better safer and more responsible driver. Courses like these should be mandatory for all drivers, new and experienced.

Damien Lippiatt Area Business Manager VIC/TAS Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals

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Safe Driving
Safe Driving

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