National Driver Education is now seen as setting the benchmark in the development and delivery of
Low Risk Driving programs.

National Driver Education’s history starts as far back as 1978 when director Len Balk took up a position as an instructor at the New South Police Driver Training School,
St Ives. In 1981 Len rose to the position of Senior Instructor. At that time he developed a relationship with Bill Hartnett, who was a pioneer in the Defensive Driving industry catering to the private, corporate and government sector. This was a relationship of knowledge sharing, promoting and maintaining both parties at the forefront of Driver Education. img

After 34 years of service, Len retired from the New South Police Service. He continued his involvement in the Driver Education Industry, forming National Driver Education with co director Ross Banno, also a former New South Wales Police Officer with involvement in the Police Driver Development field.

National Driver Education quickly gained a reputation in the industry as a respected provider of Driver Education to the corporate, government and private sector. The relationship with Bill Hartnett continued, and in 2003 National Driver Education officially formed a Training alliance with Bill Hartnett Industrial Road Safety. Both organisations passionately following the same training path of Risk Management and Low Risk driving.

National Driver Education at this point was not only delivering quality, effective Driver Education programs for their clients, but also instructing at all Bill Hartnett Industrial Road Safety courses.

In 2006 Bill Hartnett retired from active participation in Driver Training. National Driver Education officially took over operations from Bill Hartnett Industrial Road Safety, conducting all business activities under the name of National Driver Education. Bill still has a valuable role within National Driver Education in research and development.

As a result of Len and Ross’s own continuing education, they have developed and honed various Driver Education course curriculum. All courses, driver assessments and training are Low Risk driving.National Driver Education is now seen as setting the benchmark in the development and delivery of Low Risk Driving programs.

As a result of ongoing evaluation and improvement NDE has developed content for two Nationally recognized TLIC Training Units which we deliver through TAFE.

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